Sunflower County Systems Change Project

Sunflower County Systems Change Project (SCSCP) is a community based systems change approach that addresses school discipline, juvenile justice and media narrative of young men and boys of color (YMBOC). This project is a partnership between the American Civil Liberties Union of Mississippi, Mississippi Center for Justice, Sunflower County Consolidated School District and the Sunflower Consolidated School District P-16 Council. Read More...




What about the Girls?

As the Sunflower County Systems Change Project (SCSCP) team started to engage the community and express the purpose of the project, there is always one question asked no matter the setting, “What about the girls?” That question is, by all means, an adequate and fair question to pose given that the project’s purpose is directly geared toward improving outcomes for Young Men and Boys of Color (YMBOC). That alone can definitely come across as being exclusive of girls. However, narrative change, discipline policy adjustments, and improved communication channels between the school district and other systems have positive effects on everyone. Even though the project’s goal is to specifically address disparities amongst males, the implications reach far pass one group; however, there are specific reasons why the focus is on minority males.


Project Updates

Changing the Narrative

The SCSCP seeks to encourage a positive narrative about Young Men and Boys of Color (YMBOC) in the Sunflower Community....

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Informing the Community

The SCSCP team traveled around the county to speak with community members, students, parents, and teachers to understand the perceptions...

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Latest News

Change is Happening Everywhere

Not only are there districts that are changing the way they view discipline, they are changing school culture! Schools in…

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